Information and FAQs


Who should book a tour with Glenelg Pedal Bar?

Anyone who would like to have a good time and experience what Glenelg has to offer!

The tours are great for family reunions, ladies nights/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, company outings or a fun day/night with a group of friends.

Please note: this pedal bar is not suitable for elderly passengers or persons with movement difficulty.

What is the maximum number of people who can ride on the bike? How many Pedal? What’s the least amount of people?

Maximum is 16 people and the minimum is 8.  There are 10 pedalling seats in total and 7 non pedalling seats.

Should I bring food and drinks?

Sorry there is no BYO of drinks as all drinks are provided on the pedal bar.  You are welcome to bring food/nibbles on the tour.  Please note there is a maximum of 4 alcoholic drinks per person on the pedal bar, pre ordering and payment of drinks is required 7 days prior to tour.  You must be 18 years of age to consume alcoholic drinks and ID’s are required.

What should I wear?

Dress to impress, as everyone will looking at you as you go past. Flat, enclosed shores are recommended – NO high heels or thongs/flip-flops (for your safety and comfort). Remember to dress for the weather – we have plenty of storage should you choose to bring a jacket or you need to shed some layers or you wish to bring a change of shoes.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

No but all participants must sign a waiver (Download Ride Waiver) – please download, print out, sign and hand to driver on the day of your tour.

Is pedalling difficult?

No – Glenelg is very flat so there are no inclines that can wear you out.  The light design & low gearing means minimal effort to get moving, however if the bike is full (16 passengers) pedalling can be more difficult due to extra weight.


Ride Waiver

All passengers must “CHECK IN” to their tour before their tour commences.

click CHECK IN to fill our Rider Waiver


Glenelg Pedal Bar has a designated driver and host.  It is the driver’s job to get the party moving.  The driver also has the power to evict riders due to unsuitable behaviour or intoxication (please see “Ride Waiver”).


All tours start and finish at the Watermark Hotel.  The driver will determine the route on the day, this may vary depending on events at Glenelg or weather conditions.

Possible stops include: Sunset Bar, The Oyster Bar, The Moseley, The Grand Bar, Jetty Bar plus  the Watermark Hotel – maximum two bar stops, then other resting or scenic viewing stops, starting and finishing at Watermark Hotel.


Glenelg Pedal Bar is a modern design built for comfort.  With large padded seating fitted and plenty of shoulder room between seats.  Independent front suspension and curved seat posts to absorb bumps.

Arrival time

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your tour so the driver can go over the safety briefing, this way you get the full 2 hours of fun (remember all riders must fill in a “Ride Waiver (PDF)” – please ensure this is printed and signed by all riders  to save time).


USB or phone, iPods (we have AUX connection) played through kicker speaks for quality sound.


Glenelg Pedal Bar is about fun, if the weather is deemed by us to be too wet, we will cancel the tour and a full refund will be offered.

If you cancel your tour:

30+ days prior – a full refund is given

0-29 days – sorry no refund.


Late returns caused by riders can affect other bookings, therefore a $50 per 5 minute penalty fee is enforced.

Please note we require a pre authorised security deposit of $100.00 which will be processed with your beverage orders.  This security deposit will be refunded after the tour, if no penalties apply.

Safety features
  • Rider step up platform to make it easier to get onto seats.
  • Fully adjustable seats
  • Solar powered – lights, horn, indicators
  • Helmets provided on request
  • Handle bar for rider stability

Note this pedal bar is not suitable for elderly passengers or persons with movement difficulty. There is a maximum weight restriction or 120kg on the pedalling seats.

Powered by

Glenelg Pedal Bar is powered by 10 pedallers through Shimano geared pedals, but because the pedal bar has been built as light as possible, eight peddlers is all that is required to operate it.

Night Ride

Glenelg Pedal Bar has 300 watt solar panels on the roof charging two large batteries, which in turn powers our party lighting.

Other features
  • Moulded drink holders
  • Storage on the bike for hand bags
  • USB ports available so phones can be charged whilst on ride
  • Inside bar area is kept clear for “special guest” to move up and down enabling them to talk to party goers.
  • Handle bar for riders stability
Booking terms and conditions

When making a booking you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Penalites as listed above – a  pre authorised security deposit of $100.00 to be taken out at the time of beverage orders.

Beverage orders must be advised and paid for 7 days prior to tour.

Each rider is required to sign a ‘Ride Waiver’ and abide by rules as outlined in the waiver document.

Buck shows and 18th birthdays on request – please email